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We're more than just a museum.

Al Hakaya is an immersive culture center where people can take an exciting journey through history to explore Jordan’s religious, historical and cultural heritage as a strategic nexus between different civilizations from the past to the present.

We are strategically located on a hill overlooking the glorious nature of the mosaic city of Madaba, just 2km before Mount Nebo on King’s Highway, the world’s oldest used communication route.


Al Hakaya is an engaging and welcoming place that ignites curiosity and brings guests back, time and again. Each section tells a story about the religious or cultural heritage of Jordan in one big complex that bridges the East and the West.


We are home to interactive exhibitions that showcase historical and biblical milestones, a restaurant that serves authentic local cuisine, a handicrafts shop that sells unique souvenirs and multipurpose spaces that can be used for workshops and events.


Al Hakaya is a space where you can immerse yourself in culture and history, learn something new, delight your taste buds, or simply spend a fun day out with family and friends.


It’s simply a space where stories come to life!

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