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Immerse yourself in Jordan’s past

and wander through the pages of history with enthusiasm.

Witness the biblical narratives and historical tales of Jordan, from the time of the Old Testament to the Great Arab Revolt and beyond, unravel before you as you wander through a winding circular path and stop to take pictures with artistic life-sized sculptures and immersive 3D background.


Start your journey at Noah’s Ark, where you will be greeted by sculptures of animals on a majestic boat. Discover the epic stories of the Old Testament period; the destruction of Bablyon, Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus’s birth, baptism, and of course the last supper.


Delve into the Islamic era before stepping into the modern history of Jordan to experience Bedouin life. Learn more about the Great Arab Revolt and the Hashemite army, where you can discover the tools and weapons used at that time.


Step out of history as you enter the narrow alleyways leading you to experience traditional village life in Bilad Al-Sham in action. Marvel at moving sculptures of villagers carrying out traditional jobs like pottery makers, barbers, bread bakers, carpet weavers, and a goldsmith.


This is just a glimpse of what awaits you at our museum..

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